Three Principles Productions is collaborative work of dedicated independent film makers and artists. It was founded by Jake Lloyd of Long Island, New York. While living in Tampa Florida Jake sparked personal and creative relationships with University of Tampa graduate Christian Perkins and Brazilian director of photography, Felipe Scaldini. The first projects were a trailer and pitch documentary for a potential Montgomery Clift biopic called, "The Right Profile" - and the short film "Feels Just Like It Should" which can be seen right here on the site. 

3P's projects have included the work of people from a variety of origins like New Jersey, California, Florida and Brazil. As it stands there are more than 2 dozen individuals in the Three Principles Family and it grows with every project.

Many of the projects attempted (and pulled off) by 3P start out with a very simple and basic idea, of course that NEVER lasts long. Before we know it simple swiftly becomes wildly ambitious. Most projects are ultra low to NO budget. Whether independently financed or made for no money whatsoever, no matter how unrealistic some projects may seem, we try our hardest to ensure it gets done. Taking the easy way out is NEVER an option. Whether its forcing ourselves to learn new techniques, building the unbuildable, or taking petrifying risks, quitters and the lazy alike have no place here. "We can't do that." Is not a sentence heard often during a 3P project.  Pride is important to us and we never settle for anything less than what we feel is the best we can make. Consistently pushing our own boundaries, this is the way of Three Principles Productions.

All we can hope for is at the end of all the hard work, we succeed in entertaining you.

3P is currently seeking financing and executive producing partners for a variety of feature film scripts written by some of it's members. If you are an investor or are interested in talking with us about future feature film projects and potential collaboration please don't hesitate to contact us at



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