Most 3P projects thus far have been ultra low or NO budget. Whether independently financed or made for no money whatsoever, no matter how unrealistic some projects may seem, we try our hardest to ensure it gets done.  "We can't do that." Is not a sentence heard often during a 3P meeting.  Pride is important to us and we never settle for anything less than what we feel is the best we can. But even with our strong will, unfortunately there are some things that we absolutely must rely on money for. Money we don't always have.

From necessary electronic gear like hard drives, small media storage, batteries and lighting expendables, to money for food just to simply feed our artists during long shoot days. Money is inherently something we're always short on.

We are a completely independent organization and we could use your help.

You can be a part of supporting our ambitious nature by making a donation of any amount to Three Principles Productions using the safe and secure PayPal button below. If you've ever enjoyed anything we've brought you please pay it forward, (or would that be backward?) there is no amount too small.

Additionally, Three Principles has an Amazon Wishlist. If you'd like to know exactly where your money's going you can always browse our list and show support by purchasing something on it.  Items range from small expendables to larger electronic, camera and tech items, but all are crucial for us to continue to do what we do while upping our game simultaneously. Simply click the link below to browse on our list on Amazon!


We sincerely thank you for your continued support.

                      - The 3P Family


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