"Pinch" is the first feature film project by Three Principles


Two men living very different lives, yet both similarly searching for happiness in the wrong places are brought together by the chance to own the same rare and valuable baseball collectible. They're tasked with stepping out of their perceived comfort zones and onto a field. 


It's about the modern man's struggle to live up to societies expectations and about the modern women who act as their anchors and voices of reason. A story about the power of the relationship between father and son, of perceived success and failure and how they're defined, and about how all too often what we want isn't at all what we need.



Pinch is currently participating in festival season.

for distribution inquiries please contact

Jake Lloyd at jakelloyd3p@gmail.com


Principal Cast


Tony Wayne



Julie Tyler



Jake Lloyd



Melanie Johnson



Jake Brown



Scott Blugrind




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Additional Cast Members




How YOU can be a part of the project!


"Pinch" is an ultra low budget project. It was designed specifically to be very easy to shoot, and it was (for the most part.) The production expenses needed were paid for individually by the project's participants, who aren't being paid themselves. Post production on the other hand wasn't free. Composers, colorists, and sound designers all have yet to be compensated for their hard work as we're making small payments whenever we can.

In addition to finishing costs, we are also currently in the submission stage to festivals nationwide, and submission fees add up! We could use all the help we can get.


If you'd like to assist financially we are accepting donations securely via PayPal and accept donations of ANY amount! Simply click the button below and we will forever be grateful! We ensure the smallest amount goes a long way and stretch every dollar to the best of our ability.



Additionally, since the project is SO small, we will be naming anyone willing to donate just $300 or more as an official "Associate Producer" with credit on imdb. Any questions than please don't hesitate to get in touch with 3P founder, Jake at JakeLloyd3P@gmail.com


Primary Production Team

Jake Lloyd

Production, Direction, Writing, Post

Brian Magrum

Sound Design

Ethan Sacchi


Christopher Carlone


Dan Martinez


Matthew "Lank" Hingstman

Contributing Camera Operator

Ryan Wieber

Visual Effects

Shane Brady

Co-Exectuive Producer

Jonny Loquasto

Co-Executive Producer

Jake Brown

Executive Producer

Scott Blugrind

Associate Producer

Michael Foster

Associate Producer


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