Principal Cast


Additional Cast Members

Jake Lloyd


Jeffrey Palmer

Molly Keaton


The Woman



"Feels Just Like It Should" was one of the first 3P Projects that stemmed from the friendship of Jake Lloyd and Brazilian Director of Photography Felipe Scaldini. It was shot in October of 2008 in Tampa FL, but completed in with additional footage shot in Los Angeles.


Felipe Speaks!

To the left is a behind the scenes interview on-location during one of the final days of the shoot. When the camera was turned on Director of Photography Felipe, he started having a few problems with the English language and it was pretty entertaining. When Felipe's visa expired and he had to return home to Brazil, this was cut together in his honor and to help promote the project.


Primary Production Team

Jake Lloyd

Production, Direction, Writing, Editing,


Felipe Scaldini

Cinematography, VFX

Gavin ap'Morrygan

Executive Producer

Tami Salame


Christian Perkins

Direction, Camera


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