Continental Drift is a feature film currently seeking producing partners and funding.


A modern day romantic drama, it tells the story of a man uprooted from home and placed across the country with no friends, no money, and a heart that he doesn't understand how to control.

If it led him, he would follow it off a cliff.

In the vein of "Swingers," "Gardenstate" and "Like Crazy," Continental Drift captures the feeling of falling in love and out of reality while speaking to a wide variety of generations.

The screenplay has been performed as a staged reading at the Hudson Theatre is Los Angeles and has been met with a wellspring of extremely positive feedback.

Already attached to the project are an award winning crew and director of photography as well as a variety of talented actors and musicians.

If you are a private investor or producer and would like to hear more about the project or speak about potential involvement, please don't hesitate to contact Jake Lloyd at: or 631.374.2345


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