11922 Burbank Blvd APT 12 l Valley Village, CA 91607 l 631-374-2345 l JakeLloyd3P@gmail.com

Birth Date : 03-15-83

Age Range : 20-35

Thin/Athletic Build

Tattoos on chest, shoulders, arms and stomach

Height : 5’11”

Weight : 150

Eyes : Brown

Hair : Brown

SAG Eligible

See current Show Reel at – www.jakelloyd.net/reel

On IMDB – Jake Lloyd (III) - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1266360/


Notable Experience


Film, Video, and Commercial





Stay Inside

David – Supporting

Paul Bianchi

The Skull Rosary...*

Kelly Fischer – Lead

Gavin Ap’Morrygan/ Three Principles

Backyard FX (Various Eps)


Indy Mogul / Wayside Creations

Days of Wayne (Various Eps)

(Various) - Voice

Three Principles

Feels Just Like It Should

Jeffrey Palmer – Lead

Gavin Ap’Morrygan / Three Principles

Gasparilla Int. Film Fest. (COM)

Filmmaker  - Lead

Greyhouse Filmes / Roundhouse Creative

PSCU 2009

B.E.N. - Voice

Roundhouse Creative


*Winner - Best Short Narrative - Laughlin International Film Festival - October 2012







Independent Stand Up Comedy


Improv Comedy Chain (nationwide), Coconuts, Sidesplitters, The Comedy Store, Etc.

The Hospitality Suite

Bob - Principal

Suny StonyBrook Manhattan

Witness For The Prosecution

Leonard Vole - Principal

Sagtikos Arts Theatre


Rooster - Supporting

Sagtikos Arts Theatre

Hit & Misdemeanor

Bob Feldman  - Supporting

Sagtikos Arts Theatre

You Can’t Take It With You

Boris Kholenkhov - Supporting

Sagtikos Arts Theatre



Additional Skills/Abilities/Information

narration/voiceover  -  sketch and improv comedy experience  -  6 years of stand-up experience  -  variety of cartoon voices and accents/dialects  -  works well with children & animals  -  no allergies or dietary restrictions  -  graphic artist talented w/ pencil, ink, graphite, and acrylic paint  -  experienced photographer/videographer  - very physical and energetic – licensed car and motorcycle driver – athletic abilities including but not limited to cycling, baseball, roller hockey, basketball, ice skating, and billiards  -  trained musician able to sing and play: guitar, electric & upright bass, baritone horn/euphonium, basic percussion, basic piano.