Hi, my name is Jake Lloyd Bacon.


Born March 15th 1983, I was raised on Long Island, New York in a town called Deer Park (Rodney Dangerfield is from there.... no biggie). When I was a little kid I would perform Derringer's "Real American" for an invisible audience in my bedroom. So there's that.


The youngest of my siblings by seven and ten years, I definitely loved the attention I received and was always hamming for more. I suppose I never grew out of it, which probably isn't a good thing. I became infatuated with the 'entertainment industry' as a child thanks to my mother not minding me staying up late to watch 'Nick' at Nite" specifically "The Dick Van Dyke Show."


Around the same time I learned what stand-up comedy was with the help of "Stand-Up Spotlight with Rosie O'Donnell" and Gallagher specials airing incessantly.  The people that raised and surrounded me in my youth were all light hearted, down to earth and progressive folks, which allowed me to have outlandish dreams and month to month obsessions.


My first ever on stage performance was as "Boris Kholenkhov" in my high school production of "You Can't Take It With You." It was quite bad. I was a wild underachiever in academics and over-achiever in the arts. I barely graduated Deer Park High School though dropped out of Suffolk County Community College to become a full-time stereotype. (Stay in school, kids.) Around that time I began to spend most of my time dedicated to original music, recording and playing for anyone who would listen.

I spent my 20's starring in a wide variety of college/community theater productions, student films as well as working regularly for the Improv Comedy chain and appearing at various comedy clubs in the southeast and LA area opening for acts like Tom Wilson, Ralph Harris, Brian Posehn, Jeremy Hotz, Daniel Tosh, and more. I've also become a fairly regular personality in the Podcasting community appearing on shows like the award winning comedy/entertainment show,
Nobody Likes Onions, Steel Chair Slamcast and feature film commentary show, Down In Front.


I'm currently settled in Los Angeles where I've been a consistent Hollywood meat-prop for over 4 years now, as well as written and directed my own work with my creative entourage "Three Principles Productions." From award winning short films like "The Skull Rosary of Frao' Ranggoh" to web cartoons like "Days of Wayne," I try my hand at everything that interests me, in hopes that somewhere it interests someone else.


To pay the bills and make ends meet I work as a creative freelancer providing design, video and photographic services.